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Big fan of reading, writing, coffee, and cats. Here to write about self-improvement, relationships, books, and productivity.

Please don’t repeat my mistakes

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Looking back at my first ever serious relationship, I can’t help but wonder how I could be so blind. It took me three years to stop ignoring the signs and admit that it wasn’t going anywhere. They were there from the very beginning, but I chose not to see them.

Work your way to happiness by adopting these simple habits.

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When I was studying at university, I used to live in a dorm. I had a roommate named Ann. Ann had lots of great qualities, but there was one in particular that stood out the most. …

Defeat the blank page with a smile on your face

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Writing can be a lot of things. It can be fun; it can be therapeutic; it can be the escape you were looking for or a hobby you were lacking. But it can also be pretty overwhelming.

Writing is not easy. Being a prolific writer is even harder. Some days…

Get more comfortable with meeting new people

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One of the disadvantages of being an introvert that had the biggest impact on my ability to socialize was assuming that everyone disliked me in any new room I would enter.

I knew that I’m a good person. I know how to be a good friend, always strived to be…

“So many books, so little time.”― Frank Zappa

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Books are truly magical objects. They can take you on a journey to any place in the world without you having to leave the house. They can teach you crucial life lessons while you’re sitting on your sofa. Books can be a teleport; they can be a time machine. …

Simple habits you can adopt to become one of them

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I’ve met a lot of charming people throughout my life, but the 2018 office Christmas party at my previous job was when I’d met the most charming person I had the luck to encounter. I often think about that evening, even three years later.

The girl I’m talking about was…

#1: They feel the need to be honest

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I used to always struggle to communicate my emotions. I’ve spent almost 3 years in a relationship that made me unhappy, and the first time I ever mentioned it to my boyfriend at the time was when I told him that I wanted a breakup.

I thought there was no…

Small steps can make a big difference

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More often than I would want to admit, I find myself not feeling quite like, well, myself.

I used to always struggle with listening to my body and giving it what it needs. Whether it was a couple more hours of sleep, a glass of water, or some fresh air…

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use what’s been proven to work.

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In my first week of writing full time, I got pretty scared about my writing future. I’ve been waiting for the moment I could devote all my time to writing for a while, but when I finally became a full-time writer, something went wrong, and I started panicking.

I couldn't…

Here is everything I learned

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I remember the day a small coffee trolley appeared near the main square of the town I used to live in. It was conveniently situated right between my apartment building and the college that I was going to at the time. …

Alice White

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